Dr Shabir Moosa, MMed, MBA, PhD

Clinical Governance in Soweto

Sub-District D, one of seven regions of Johannesburg, is effectively the whole of Soweto. It is the largest Sub-District in Johannesburg and Gauteng with a population bigger than the Province of Northern Cape. It is the heart of Gauteng and South Africa. The geographic area of Soweto is in fact relatively small.The Chris Hani – Baragwanath Hospital, the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere, is there and is an overwhelming beacon in health care for Sowetans.

There are a number of Clinics in the area but key facilities for Family Medicine are:

  • Lillian Ngoyi CHC
  • Mofolo CHC
  • Chiawelo CHC
  • Zola CHC
  • Itereleng CHC
  • Meadowlands Clinic 
  • Orlando Clinic
  • Diepkloof Clinic
  • Kliptown Clinic
  • Michael Maponya Clinic
  • Green Village Clinic
  • Protea Glen Clinic

The MEC expected change to sweep across Soweto but this has been delayed in part by management difficulties and the election process.

There is a renewed focus on setting up Community Practices modeled on Chiawelo Community Practice that could improve the experience of patients across Soweto. The idea is to cluster clinics and wards around major Community Health Centres and Large Clinics.

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