I was sitting this weekend at a South African Medical Association (SAMA) Symposium on National Health Insurance (NHI). This is in the light of the NHI Bill introduced to Parliament in South Africa and awaiting public comment. It essentially sets up the NHI Fund. This is a milestone for healthcare in South Africa. Opening remarks at the symposium were that NHI is a lot less problematic than the media makes out and that NHI will be lucrative for GPs. I feel our focus must be on making NHI better by pointing out problems AND offering solutions. See my constructive criticism and a proposal on what primary healthcare may look like under NHI, as published in the Daily Maverick. If you want support in engaging with NHI contracting (jobs, collaborations, partnerships and consulting) then reply to me with your contact details.

It is of vital importance that GP leaders insist on deliberate engagement with government on the details of PHC contracting under NHI. The Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) presented a report to Parliament in September. Their three year workplan focused on accrediting all 3816 public facilities but only 393 private facilities (only HOSPITALs, no GPs!). It is clear that despite all the PHC rhetoric by governments when the rubber hits the road it’s all about hospitals.

This engagement by PHC stakeholders and government must happen across Africa. An understanding between WONCA Africa and WHO AFRO is being finalised. A key element is to have WHO AFRO Country Representatives facilitate interactions between PHC team member leaders (including WONCA Member Organisations) and high-level government officials in those countries to address PHC policy under UHC.

WONCA Africa is championing the development of the African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC), bringing together all healthcare professionals, workers and stakeholders at the African coalface in primary care to ensure that we ALL have a voice in policy on PHC in Africa. This collaboration may become the global leader in developing the WHO’s position on teamwork in PHC. We plan to have a meeting of PHC team leaders from across Africa in June 2020 in Johannesburg to build AfroPHC. See the new website and reach out to key leaders if you want to be part of this meeting. We need ordinary frontline healthcare workers to get engaged. Join AfroPHC here. We will put you into the AfroPHC Google Group to get to know each other, get familiar with policy issues and develop clear positions Keep tabs on AfroPHC via FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Telegram. Circulate this to all PHC team colleagues in Africa and get them to join AfroPHC here.

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