Chiawelo Clinic accused of sending sick baby away

Clinic_Baby2_Photos_By_Marcia_Moyana-768x1024This mother was allegedly turned away when she took her ailing baby to their local clinic.


“I know that my precious baby will not come back to life but I want the nurses at Chiawelo Community Health Centre (CHC) to be stopped before this happens to another family.” These are the words of Thobile Dube, a 42-year-old mother from Dlamini section in Soweto. Dube’s 8-month-old daughter Siphosethu passed away on 1 July. Baby Siphosethu was allegedly turned away when her mother took her to the clinic for medical attention.

According to Dube, baby Siphosethu had been teething which resulted in diarrhoea, vomiting and a fever. She took her to the doctor on 29 June, where she was given pain and fever medication. “I also prepared her a sugar-salt solution for diarrhoea, as directed in the Road to Health booklet that we received after her birth. I had given this to all of my children when they had diarrhoea and believed it would help her.” ….more


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